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Valve Replacing Under Pressure

Valve replacing tools (VRUP) use a plugging system designed with the principle of a downhole packer.[detail]

Plunger Lift.

Wellhead effluent is a common problem in the later stages of oil and gas development. With the energy consumption of the reservoir, the gas flow rate is decreasing and the carrying [detail]

Environmental Protection

Top-Well provides systems for handling and treating oil field produced water, fracturing fluids and other flow back fluids. High concentrations of salts and other contaminants are t[detail]


Snubbing units are designed and manufactured in a joint venture between Top-Well and Top-Tiger.[detail]

Turbine MRO.

Top-Well has held a contract for AHDEB Oil in Iraq for the operation and maintenance of gas turbine power stations in Iraq since 2011.[detail]

Pipe Pick-up&Laydown

Top-Well’s PULD crew has been conducting more than 2 years of PULD services for Chevron CDB project in Sichuan which is high H2S content gas well development with full client sati[detail]

Wellhead Repairing

Valves used on tree and tubing head are the critical well control device and should always be kept in sound condition during the well life.[detail]

Snubbing Services

The Snubbing Operation is one of the most adaptable techniques available in the upstream oil & gas industry. [detail]


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